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BuchananLake.com floating islands, BuchananLake.com.





The natural design, FloatingIslandInternational.com.

The inexpensive design, YouTube.com/watch?v=Cvn9l1pJ3-A and, http://SpiralIslanders.com.

The most expensive design, FloatingStructures.com.

Barges, PoseidonBarge.com.

Ferguson Floats, hdpe.com/docks/Dock_Floats.shtml.

Ace Floats, PremierMaterials.com.

Real private islands, for comparison, PrivateIslandsOnline.com.


Private Islands Magazine, PrivateIslandsMag.com


More information about private islands, PrivateIslandsBlog.com.





An impressive Korean floating island in Seoul Korea, by the Flossom Corporation, FloatingIsland.com.

Good knowledge in their website images.



Forbes Island in San Francisco Bay, Hilltop1892.com/forbes/home.html. A superlative restaurant and event rental place. A prominent individual's home that was anchored in Sausalito, then turned into a restaurant and motored across the bay to a location near Fisherman's Warf, San Francisco





Some of the web slave's non-island favorites...

Think.ws. The process to solve human-caused problems.





AlaskaStories.com. For your idle entertainment.









AlaskanAlpineClub.org. Some questionable sorts in Alaska.

The photo is a 150 foot ice tower, March 2005.



BarbecueNight.com. Barbecue nights.

ProjectNight.com. Project nights.



SumOfIgnorance.com. Obvious.

SumOfKnowledge.com. Requires thinking.


BuchananWarehouse.com. Warehouse in Yakima Washington.




Apocalypse Design. Alaska adventure clothing and equipment.

Apocalypse Design corporate headquarters.

The owner taught the website servant how to make this website.


UltimateGeoCache.net. The ultimate GeoCache, quite logically.




ParkServiceCorruption.com. The corruption of the pitiable US National Park Service chaps.







Buchanan.ws. A page of Buchanan domain name links, for some reason.